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Action Plan and Account Reinstatement Procedure for AMAZON

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We’re a US-based service providing global assistance across all major Amazon marketplaces, spanning USA, UK, DE, FR, IT, ES, JP, IN, AUS, CA & MX.

Leveraging the expertise of a former Amazon Seller Performance Team member, we offer unparalleled insight into Amazon’s processes. With an intimate understanding of Amazon’s workings, we efficiently craft appeal letters and action plans tailored to your situation. Expect reinstatement and a return to selling on Amazon within just 24-48 hours.

However, our normal time to get it restored is 72 hours. If you need an expert organization that specializes in suspended Amazon Seller Accounts, then you are in the ideal place. You could be selling on Amazon again within 48 hours. We eliminate all the problems and stress. Why would you rather take the risk of doing it yourself which could land you in further trouble with Amazon?

Think bigger, build Smarter, solve harder.

Your Appeal Letter holds immense significance in reinstating your Amazon selling privileges. Avoid the risk associated with generic appeal templates found online. The Amazon Performance Team can easily spot these, leading to unfavorable outcomes. Conversely, a meticulously crafted appeal demonstrates your commitment to your business, instilling confidence in Amazon.

Rest assured, we prioritize your privacy. Initially, we won’t require your account details. Upon reviewing your case, if we determine that we can assist you, we’ll furnish a tailored appeal and action plan within 24 hours. Our service fee for this comprehensive assistance is $1199.

This is often your final chance to present your business in the best light before a critical decision is made. Ensure your plan of action reflects the professionalism and integrity of your business.

Upon reviewing your Amazon suspension, we’ll promptly determine if we can provide assistance. Typically, our evaluation process takes about one hour. To begin, we’ll need a copy of the initial Amazon suspension email, along with any relevant documentation, including:

  • Correspondence with the Seller Performance Team
  • Feedback records
  • Policy warnings
  • Complaints
  • Any alerts pertaining to your metrics

Further appeals relating to the suspension will be at no extra charge if Amazon requires them.

We will also give you a full understanding of directions on what changes to make on your Seller account and a Plan of Action. We will raise your Amazon Suspension to the next level whenever required. This will all be backed up by continuous help through live chat and email.

We remove all of the difficult work from you and provide you with the plan of action which Amazon anticipates. We utilize the experience and information from ex-Amazon Seller Performance Team’s staff to write a unique Appeal which has higher possibility of getting you back to selling with Amazon in no time at all.

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Reinstatement Request Form

Use this form if your Amazon seller account has been suspended or restricted. Provide detailed information about the situation and the actions you’ve taken to resolve it. Reinstatement is subject to Amazon’s policies.

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    1. Clients are required to provide accurate and timely information as requested during the assessment and service process. Failure to do so may impact the
      effectiveness of the reinstatement efforts.

    2. A minimum assessment fee of $150 will be charged. This fee is applicable if the client chooses not to proceed with the final quotation or services after the
      initial assessment.

    3. The duration of the reinstatement process may vary based on individual cases. Clients will be informed of the estimated timeline in their quotation.

    4. Any disputes arising from these services will be subject to the laws and jurisdiction of Pakistan.

    5. The reinstatement service is partially refundable in case the seller account is not reinstated in the maximum for 6 weeks period.

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